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MedicTour's specialization is organization of medical treatments and residences in Poland. In our offer is dentistry, ophthalmology and plastic surgery. Our clients have discovered polish medical standards on good level in very attractive price. Prices for the same medical services in Western Europe are two or three times more expensive.  

Our priority is safety persons who put their health in our hands. Standard clinics and surgeries witch we representing are adapted to clients needs. Every clinic or surgery is registered and associated in Polish medical chambers. They are regularly inspected and insurance is guaranteed. Our cooperating doctors are well known with reach practice records. 

Our offer would not be complete and professional if we did not join it with tourism services. In most cases our clients travel with companions. If treatment plan is not obstruction we offer different type and variety possibilities of spending free time (sight-seeing, tours, entertainments or shopping). Krakow is beautiful old city with its own unique atmosphere and is established for the cultural capitol of Poland. We arrange tours for individuals as well as for organized groups. MedicTour is registered as Tour-Operator.

Due to many requests we add non invasion esthetic medicine to our offer

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